Viral TikTok Trends That Actually Work!

Published on 12/27/2021

TikTok has quickly become one of the most popular apps available for download. For both 2020 and 2021 it was even named the most downloaded app on both Apple’s and Android’s app stores! The app consists of dancing, singing, memes, lip-syncing and several trends that never seem to stop. Sometimes these trends are for comedy, sometimes for dancing and even often for food! Often, we wonder if the things we see in these videos actually work however. They just seem too good to be true. Is it really that tasty? Is it really that easy? Well look no further, the trends listed in this article have been tested and guaranteed to work! Take a look and see if any might be worth trying.

Shutterstock 393607117

Shutterstock 393607117


Shrink Chip Bag into Miniature Version

This one is quite easy and has been proven to work! All you need is a microwave and an empty bag of chips. Simply insert the bag in the microwave and time it for 5 seconds. In this time the bag will magically shrink down to a miniature size! You will surely have yourself an interesting item that your friends certainly won’t. You can even poke a hole through and transform it into a keyring! This one is definitely a fun trend.

Make a Popcorn Using Flat Iron

Place a popcorn seed in the gap between your straighteners and wait! Wait 20-45 seconds, and then… BOOM! The seed that will grow into popcorn! This happens as the heat transmitted by the straightener will cook the seed into popcorn, the same way as you done it in the microwave or popcorn maker.

How to Remove Permanent Marker on Your Skin

Have you ever wanted to get rid of a permanent mark on your skin but couldn’t get it to go away no matter how hard you tried to wash it away?

Apply a liquid adhesive to the place where you want the mark to disappear. Wait for it to dry after rubbing it all over the region. Remove the dried glue from your skin now. It’ll also get rid of the mark!

Make a Floating Stick Man

With your dry erase marker, draw a sticky guy or anything else on your plate. Slowly pour water onto the plate. Your drawing will now begin to move! This is due to the fact that the dry erase marker’s ink is less dense than water. When you pour water on this dry erase marker ink, it pulls the doodle off the surface, making it appear to float on the water “magically.”

Fixing a dent on Car

First, hot glue the sticks to the center of the automobile dent, then spray the area with water to prevent the hot glue from sticking to the car. Pull the sticks towards you when you’re ready, and the dent will pop back out.

Transform a whisk into a Head Massager

Cut the whisk string using the piles in the center, then glue each end of the string with the glue gun and let it dry. This will make the string’s end softer and less likely to harm your skull. It’s time to use your scalp massager!

Coca Cola Rocket!

Perform this technique outside, preferably in an empty field with no people.

Butane should be added to the coke. When filling the coke, use the plier to hold the butane end. This is to keep the butane gas out of your hand. Please be aware that butane has a strong odor, so it is recommended that you wear a mask. After you’ve finished filling the coke bottle with butane, carefully turn it over to face down.

The coke will fly like a rocket! This is because Butane is a non-polar, low-temperature liquid with a boiling point of 0 degrees Celsius. When butane is added to coke, it forms a liquid on top of the coke (it does not mix with the coke). As you turn the container, the coke makes contact with the butane liquid, resulting in the formation of butane gas. While the new butane gas contains no CO2, the CO2 from the coke rushes into the butane gas, causing it to explode.

These trends are mightily fun, just make sure to do them with the correct precautions!