5 Fashion Trends That Will Come Back In Spring 2023

Published on 02/09/2023

The principle of the “capsule wardrobe” is becoming increasingly popular. It’s about investing in a few high-quality pieces that can all be wonderfully combined with each other. A harmonious color palette is usually determined beforehand. Especially popular right now: fashion trends in black, beige, and cream tones. Classic colors are always chic but can often look boring. Here you can find out how you can take even simple outfits to a glamorous level in spring 2023 without having to spend a fortune.

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5 Fashion Trends That Will Come Back In Spring 2023

Simple Belts

It’s one of the most underrated accessories: the belt. This is often attributed to practical features alone (tighten your trousers), but it can do so much more – give your look a luxurious upgrade in spring 2023, for example. Fashion professionals like Pernille Teisbaek or Anouk Yve also love this hack to turn basic looks into exciting fashion trends. Particularly simple belts in black or brown with an inconspicuous buckle (shop here) look super expensive and luxurious – and still don’t steal the show from the rest of the outfit.


Pearls have always stood for luxury and glamor – and are therefore ideal for making your look look much more expensive than it actually is. If pearl jewelery has seemed too old-fashioned for you in recent years, then you might like the reinterpretation that is the fashion trend of spring 2023. This year, pearls are paired with chunky cains or delicate gold and silver chains (shop here), giving pearls a modern update. But don’t worry, the pearl necklaces are also available in the cheap fashion jewelry version, which still looks deceptively real.

Oval Sunglasses With Golden Details

We can hardly wait until spring 2023 is really in the starting blocks and we finally have a good reason to unpack our sunglasses again, because they make an outfit look instantly chic – no matter what shape they have. Spring 2023 fashion trend: oval sunglasses that exude a touch of retro vibe. The models with golden details on the temples in particular give your outfit an immediate luxury boost – regardless of whether they really come from the designer or from a cheap retailer. Your look will be particularly great if you pick up the golden details from the sunglasses in the rest of the accessories and also choose necklaces, earrings and rings in gold.

Narrow Headbands

In recent years, headbands have increasingly come in wide designs and could not be too conspicuous. In spring 2023 it will be a little more subtle again. XXL headbands have to give way to narrow, inconspicuous alternatives (shop here) that exude less fashion statement and more luxury vibes. “Less is more” applies to this fashion trend in spring 2023.

Half Moon Bags

Half moon bags are THE fashion trend par excellence in spring 2023 – not least because they immediately make every outfit chic. Their shape is reminiscent of a half moon and they look particularly elegant when they are chosen in a subtle color such as black, beige or cream. Whether as a shoulder bag, in micro or XXL format, the crescent bags are available in spring 2023 in a wide variety of designs, all of which will make your outfit look chic and expensive.