10 Reasons We’d Wear Sweatpants Anywhere

Published on 01/11/2023

If there’s one piece of fashion that we’re practically married to right now, it’s jogging pants. Sweatpants are much more than slouchy pants for sofa potatoes. For a long time it was considered a fashion sin, but for 2023 jogging pants are one of the top trends. January 21st is also the annual “International Sweatpants Day”. Are jogging pants now also becoming popular in public? We just love the comfy pants – especially now when most people are off. That’s why we think these 10 reasons why we’d go anywhere in sweatpants will convince even the most anti-sweatpants:

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10 Reasons We’d Wear Sweatpants Anywhere

1. No other pants are able to put us in deep relaxation immediately. It is like a meditation to wear!

2. She is home. Where our jogging pants are waiting for us, we feel completely at ease. And take this feeling to the bakery, to the shops or to our favorite Italian restaurant.

3. It doesn’t always have to be the gray standard model. The style pants have even reached high fashion and make the sporty look suitable for the office in bright white (Stella McCartney), hot petrol tones (Victoria Beckham) or hot pants over trousers (Moschino).

4. Even Karl Lagerfeld has revised his attitude towards sweatpants. Just a few years ago he said “people who wear sweatpants have lost control of their lives”, he showed sweatpants on the runway a few seasons ago for Chanel (again: for Chanel!). And they even had holes! He finally seems to like the tomboy look.

5. No other piece gives a look more nonchalance. We can wear joggers with blazers and pumps and look elegant AND cool at the same time in no time. What pants can do that?!

6. Sweatpants are the ideal piece of clothing for 8-hour shopping trips. You can quickly take them off and put them on again – because with most models you don’t even have to take off your shoes. With this you win every dressing room marathon.

7. Anyone can wear jeans, joggers are the perfect piece for individualists.

8. It doesn’t always have to be cotton. It gets really wow with the so-called loggers (leather pants + jogging pants). They may look like sweatpants, but they’re made of suede or smooth leather and are so popular that even super bloggers like Pernille Teisbaek and Chiara Ferragni take the hammer pants for a walk.

9. If we spontaneously feel like going to the gym, we have the right clothes on right away.

10. Which other pant has its own tag? On January 21st we celebrate “International Sweatpants Day” and of course we are the first to the party.