Home Remedies And Tricks To Keep Mosquitos Away

Published on 02/08/2021

The summer is coming closer and while we are looking forward to the warm temperatures, we are not really excited about the mosquitos.  Even the thought of buzzing and stinging mosquitos can rob you of sleep. An effective mosquito repellent can help. Those who are well-prepared can sleep soundly and spend a nice evening outdoors without itchy bites – even without chemicals from the spray or socket. Learn how to keep mosquitos away naturally, through home remedies, and barriers.

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Home Remedies And Tricks To keep Mosquitos Away

Mosquito nets

Mosquito nets are definitely a must-have for summer and bring a holiday feeling into the bedroom. Who doesn’t dream of a tropical holiday paradise with the flowing, white fabric tents? In fact, it is wonderful to dream under such a tent because it effectively repels mosquitoes.


What works above the bed works in every other room. An open veranda or terrace does not necessarily have to become a barricaded room when the mosquitoes start looking for food in the evening. Transparent curtains are also an effective mosquito repellent outside. The fine gray tulle also lets less light outside. This way, the insects are not even attracted.

Mosquito screen for windows

There are also various options for mosquito repellent on the window. From simple attachment with Velcro to comfortable, roller blind-like constructions, as in the example for a mosquito protection in front of the window. Variants in which the window can be opened and closed without having to remove the mosquito repellent are ideal here.

Air Condition

In winter there are hardly any mosquitoes because it is simply too cold. The mosquito repellent with air conditioning works according to this principle: Mosquitoes do not voluntarily fly from the warmth into the cold (even if they sit almost motionless in dark corners during the hot time of the day and then become active at night). They are therefore easy to keep away with an air conditioning system. It is sufficient to cool the room temperature to a few degrees below the expected lowest night temperature. One advantage of this method: It is easier to sleep in cool rooms. However, the air conditioning should not become the new troublemaker with unpleasant humming noises and should not spread freezing cold.


Tomatoes also have a very peculiar smell. This can be used in natural mosquito control: Most stinging insects do not like the evaporation of the tomato plant. If there is not enough space in front of the window for a whole tomato plant – which can possibly grow very tall – this method can help: Spread some wild shoots that have broken out of the leaf axes on the window sill. Occasionally these should be renewed.

Light-Colored Clothing

Studies and research observations showed that mosquitoes prefer to settle on dark surfaces. The best protection is therefore light-colored clothing that covers a lot – especially wrists and ankles and the neck, where mosquitos particularly like to strike. So that they do not pierce through the garment, it should be made of strong fabric (e.g. linen) and not too tight.