Simple Hacks To Make Your Life Easier

Published on 11/03/2021

Have you ever dreaded doing a certain task within the day? The task needs to be done, but you just can’t bring yourself to put that time in. Luckily for you, we have composed a list of simple life hacks that could save your valuable time and make any given task ten times easier! Often these hacks can even be achieved simply by using items around the house! Who knew that items have more than one use? If used properly… Continue on to discover just which life hacks could improve your daily routine super quickly, and easily.

Life Hacks

Life Hacks


Suitcase Problems

You’ve just travelled on a plane and now you face the anxious wait for your luggage to arrive in front of you on the carousel. It doesn’t matter if you boarded first, last; the process always seems completely random. This is probably because the process is random! If you’ve ever watched television series of what goes on in the baggage area of airports, you would know that workers randomly throw cases into a truck which is transported to the plane. We haven’t even mentioned how many cases are similar looking today! People usually have one of few brands, and they are often black or gray. There is an easy way to combat this, ribbons! If you tie a colored ribbon to your case, you will notice it straight away and it may save you some valuable time not waiting around.

Bad Smell From Your AC?

Every so often your AC might have some issues, it’s something that simply happens with age. Even though this may not be a long term solution, it is a great short term one. So if you’ve cleaned out the filters and there is still a smell, this might be one for you. For those hot days and nights we need to use our AC, so instead of blowing out unbearable smelly cold air, simply put a dryer sheet over the AC unit! These are scented and will cause your smelly air to become fresh and lovely! Obviously it depends on the type of dryer sheet that you choose, but you can have your air smelling like flowers or lavender in no time.

Leaky Trash Can?

There is nothing more annoying than when you put liquids in the garbage and they leak through the bag to sit at the bottom of the actual can. This not only makes a smell, but makes the bin sticky and gross, requiring a proper clean. Save yourself the hassle though! Did you know if you put a small pile of old newspaper at the bottom of the garbage can, it will easily absorb any leaky liquids. This is great news (ha-ha!) because your actual garbage can will avoid all those sticky liquids and you will save yourself much time on cleaning in the future.

The Perfect Pancake

Making pancakes can be a jolly good time. They taste great and the act itself can be a great activity for the family. The only issue we sometimes experience is consistency. They just never seem to be the same size! A good aesthetic makes for a great meal. There is an easy fix for this though! Essentially, make sure you retain your ketchup bottle when it next finishes. Wash thoroughly and then just insert the mix into this bottle! You will be able to do equal amounts of pancake easily, they will look perfect!

Ice Coffee Hack

Ice coffees are absolutely great on a warm day, aren’t they? The only issue we sometimes experience is the coffee being ruined by the ice cubes watering down the drink. Worry no more! We have the ideal solution for you. Simply prepare a batch of coffee, and pour this mixture into an ice cube tray. Freeze the tray to form cubes and use these next time for your coffee! They will only add to the coffee taste and keep your drink cold at the same time! Innovation.

The Right Wire?

If you find yourself looking for a specific wire, it can be somewhat of a nightmare. Every wire is the same color, tangled and looks identical. It can take time to follow it through from wall to device, even then, there may be certain things blocking it. So what to do? Use bread clips! Simply label what the wire leads to on the bread clip and attach it to the relevant wire. Struggle no more, with this easy hack!

Pizza Troubles

Pizza is always best when it comes fresh from a pizzeria, and when it is hot. So isn’t it annoying that the traffic on the drive home can cause your pizza to be stone cold by the time you finally sit and are ready to eat? Well this hack is for those that find themselves in that situation! Simply use your seat warmers! They will ensure that your pizza remains hot throughout the whole drive and will stay tasty for when you get home.