Simple Cleaning Hacks All Homeowners Need To Know About

Published on 04/14/2021
Simple Hacks All Homeowners Need To Know About

Simple Cleaning Hacks All Homeowners Need To Know About

Being a homeowner is no easy feat seeing as it comes with a whole new world of responsibilities. Aside from just maintaining the entire house and making sure everything is in working order, it’s just as important to ensure it’s comfortable. By that, we mean having the house clean! We know you are fully aware of how to clean, but hear us out. There are so many cleaning hacks and tricks that can both make your life easier and your cleaning more effective. Not to mention, there are also hacks to improve your home in all those little ways that make the biggest difference. So let’s take a look at some of these hacks.

Use Doorknobs As Towel Hooks

If your bathroom doesn’t happen to have a towel rack, why not use a few doorknobs instead? In addition to being cost-effective, they can add a certain charm to the room and act as part of the room decor while also serving a purpose.

Lemons To the Rescue

If you have a garbage disposal, then you know how smelly it can get over time. To clean it out and improve the smell, all you’ll need is a lemon or lime. Cut the citrus fruit into quarters and open the water. As the water is running, put the pieces into the garbage disposal one at a time. You’ll be amazed at how well this works.

Get Rid Of Carpet Stains

Do you have clear vodka, rubbing alcohol, or even white wine? Good – that’s all you need. Blot the stain first. Then, pour any of those clear alcohols on the stain. Rub the stain gently and watch it lift! This trick is better than any over-the-counter product you’ll find.

Clean The Tub Like A Pro

For this hack, you just need baking soda and vinegar. Mix one cup of vinegar with half a cup of baking soda and some hot water. Pour the mixture into the tub and let it sit for five minutes. Then, start filling the tub with hot water until it’s about one-quarter filled. Let it sit for another five minutes. Release the drain and rinse thoroughly. The same solution can be used to clean toilets as well!

Remove Pet Hair

The vacuum cleaner may be a godsend when it comes to pet hair, but it doesn’t always do the trick. When you find yourself in this situation, grab a pair of rubber gloves. Slide them on and rub any surface you want to get pet hair off of. The reason this works is that rubber tends to generate elasticity when pushed against fabric. This in turn gathers all the pet hair. When you want to get it all off the gloves, just run the gloves under water.

Dust Electronics

We all have to deal with dust in one way or another at home. To really do a thorough job when dusting electronics, use coffee filters! They’re great for cleaning dust since they don’t leave behind any fibers like cloths would.