Flattering Fashion Tips For The Gorgeous Curvy Woman

Published on 02/09/2021

Not all women are born with the same types of bodies, some of us of slim and tall while others may be more curvy and voluptuous. However, no matter what, we as women should be proud of our bodies and shapes. Nonetheless, we do really understand that sometimes finding the right clothes to fit and flatter our curvy figures can be quite tough, especially when some of the most fashionable stores have very limited options. But do not worry – we are here for you! These stylish fashion tips will not only guide you in the right direction but will also help you celebrate your gorgeous curves.

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Flattering Fashion Tips For The Gorgeous Curvy Woman

Say No To Oversized Clothes

This is often one of the biggest mistakes that curvy and plus-sized women make – wearing big and baggy clothes. Many expert stylists say that you should never add too much volume if you’re a bigger girl! Instead, choose clothes that show off your shape but are not too tight. Of course, when it comes to fashion, comfort is key. So make sure you comfortable with the clothes and that they work to your advantage.

Wear The Correct Shoes

Believe it or not bur shoes really do play a huge part when it comes to flattering your curves. For example, you can easily make your figure look more slender by wearing a low heel or slightly pointed toe shoe. For girls with shorter legs, it is better to wear low-cut shoes, and these types of shoes elongate your frame and make your legs look longer. But as a general rule, your choice of shoes can definitely impact both your body and your outfit- so make sure you’re always wearing the perfect pair.

Off -The- Shoulder Neckline

For the ladies with a bigger bust, this is the perfect solution for you. You can easily draw attention away from them by wearing an off-the-shoulder style that accentuates your decolletage and elongates your neck. In addition to this great trick, off-the-shoulder styles also give you the perfect opportunity to rock a statement necklace. If you’re a lady with more of a broader shoulder, keep in mind that this style will make your shoulders look wider.

Avoid Faded Or Patchy Jeans

No matter how “cool” or fashionable you may think you look, this is a definite no-no! Jeans that are faded or have patches in certain places draw the wrong attention to unwanted areas such as your things or calves. This is why so many stylish suggest that curvier women should rather look for even-toned wash jeans or ones that are smoother.

Beware of Large Prints

Large and bold can often make you look much bigger than you actually are.  Depending on their design and where they fall on your body, they may emphasize areas that you don’t want to highlight. Lines on clothing items, whether it be vertical or horizontal, may not always be as slimming as you think they are. However, you are a huge fan of lines or prints make sure that before making the purchase they don’t accentuate anything they shouldn’t – trust us you’ll very quickly regret it.