Traveling To The Maldives? Here’s What You Should Know

Published on 02/09/2021
Traveling To The Maldives? Here's What You Should Know

Traveling To The Maldives? Here’s What You Should Know

We all heard about how gorgeous and magical the Maldives is. With clear turquoise waters and white beaches, it’s a popular vacation spot for a very good reason. However, before you start getting excited and planning your trip, there are things you need to take into consideration. Read on to get some valuable tips for planning your Maldives trip!

Decide On a Budget

Before doing anything, you need to figure out how much you can or are willing to spend on this trip in its entirety. Think of everything from flights to hotels and even food. Everything adds up, after all. So, when you’re planning out your trip to the Maldives, have all your options in hand to consider them all properly. Compare hotels and their pricing, find out what food options they all have and what food you’ll have to get in addition, if at all. Maybe you’ll want to go out to a restaurant or bar while you’re there? In addition, there are activities to consider that might cost an extra fee.

Plan According to the Weather

No one wants to spend time planning, spending, and organizing a tropical vacation only to arrive and find the place in the midst of a storm. Before you book anything, check what the weather is like typically during the time you want to go. Overall, November through April is the peak season of Maldives. Keep in mind this means the prices will be higher too. If you’re looking to save money where you can, think of booking a trip for the shoulder season – between peak season and off-season. Doing so will be more affordable and there won’t be as many people there.

Don’t Bring Alcohol

Since the Maldives is slightly Muslim dominated, the only place a person can drink alcohol is at the private resorts. One of the best tips is that you don’t carry alcohol while entering the country. There is a risk it will be taken away or the traveler can be fined for doing so.

Bring Cash

Despite the fact that the Maldivian Rufiyaa is the national currency used in the Maldives, USD is widely accepted nearly everywhere. Other than the local islands, most of the stores label items in USD. While credit cards are used a lot, including in the resorts, having cash on you is important since ATMs can be hard to find on the islands.

Bikinis Aren’t Allowed Everywhere

It’s important not to disregard the conservative culture of the Maldives which is still relevant in the local islands. Be sure to wear modest clothing and only wear bikinis or skin-tight clothing when you’re at the resort islands. On the local islands, there are some “bikini beaches” which are meant for tourists to visit.

Drone Photography Might Not Be Allowed

Who wouldn’t want to capture their magical time in the Maldives? It’s a breathtaking place with its white sandy beaches and clear blue waters. If you’re planning on bringing a drone along to your trip, there are things you need to consider first. There are a lot of resorts that have a “No Drone” policy so they can protect their guests’ privacy. Violating this rule can result in serious trouble. So, before getting the drone out, check with your resort whether it’s okay to film or not.